You want your website or e-commerce store to be available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is important to host your website in the right place to ensure that performance is high and downtime is low.

For your dynamic e-commerce website to function you need a slightly more specialised hosting service - it needs to be able to run the coded pages that we create, and also needs to be able to support database technology. We will of course advise you where is the most appropriate environment to place your website.

For smaller sites with lower traffic levels we can host your sites directly on our own dedicated servers which we have at a professional hosting company based in the UK.

For larger sites with high traffic levels we can recommend your own dedicated servers at one of our preferred suppliers.

There are a number of ways to arrange dedicated server hosting for larger sites :

  • Rental - you just pay a flat monthly fee to use a hosting company's hardware and operating system - they own and maintain the hardware.
  • Co-location - you purchase your own server, and place it within a hosting companies building, thereby benefitting from their infrastructure, but alllowing you to scale the hardware to exactly your needs.


There is a move towards virtualisation - this is where the hosting company give you a "virtual" dedicated server, which is created on their own technology backbone, rather than a physical box of your own.

The advantage of this is that they can quickly and easily add extra resources such as drive space, CPUs or RAM, or even spin up a whole new server for you, and can even let you have extra servers for short period of time. As it's based on their physical platform they will maintain the actual hardware.

Recommended Hosting Partners

  • Claranet


    We have used them for large scale sites, both for co-location and Managed Virtual Hosting (MVH) services.
  • Heart Internet

    Heart Internet

    Good value dedicated servers, ideal for small to mid range sites, excellent value for money.