Brochure Website Design

As well as fully featured, database driven, e-commerce sites, we can also offer the more traditional "brochure" type flat HTML website, or a mixture of the two, to promote your company, products and brand worldwide.

We believe that every company should have some sort of website, no matter how big or small. Today's customers expect more - thay want information when they want it, so to be in with a chance of getting noticed you should have a central resource where they can learn all aboout you and your service - a website.

It can be as simple or as complex as you wish. Some photographs of your products, and price guide and some techincal information can be all that is required to snare that person browsing.

We will help you maximise those chances, by providing a professionally designed site, that is easy to keep up to date, and that marks you out from the crowd.

We believe that we are different from the majority of "web design" companies out there, as we have long term experience in the IT industry, and we carry the standards and values from the more traditional development sphere across to our web work. We have spent time learning the craft, rather than relying on boilerplate templates that will mean your site looks the same as many others.

We can also help with domain name registration, arranging hosting services, and any general advice or consultation that you may need to get started.

If you need a site that offers full product catalogues, shopping baskets, or any kind of dynamic content, please read about e-commerce websites.