Marketplaces are a relatively quick way of reaching a large number of potential new customers. It is an arena for you to list your products on other websites, to increase the exposure to customers that might not yet have found your own website.

These marketplace sites do require some consideration to ensure that you maintain profitable sales - you effectively pay a commission on any sales made via these platforms - the upside is you only pay for definite conversions.

Once you have a large number of products listed on marketplaces, the volume of business they can bring in can be a pleasant surprise, but obviously this brings an overhead in time and effort to manage.

That is why when we work with you to integrate your products with a marketplace we can :

  • List and maintain your product catalogues via automated tools such as APIs and product feeds.
  • Retrieve and update orders also using automated tools.
  • Advise you regarding listing strategies to ensure the most cost effective use of the marketplace platforms.

We have experience of working with the below Marketplace services :

  • eBay


    List items on eBay automatically, and retrieve and manage orders all using their API integrated into your website or back office system.
  • Amazon Marketplace

    Amazon Marketplace

    Probably the best known ecommerce site, listing your products on Amazon reaches masses of new customers.