Search Engine Optimisation

All of our developed websites are designed to let you take control of and maximise the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) potential.

Where you want complete control our content management systems will let you specify exactly what you want your page titles and other appropriate META data to be.

For larger sites with vast product ranges we can provide automated tools for unique and appropriate META data across the whole site.

The site code will ensure that relevant tags are used to make sure that the page makes sense semantically to the search engine spiders, and that the in page content is prioritised correctly.

Unique Content

What we can't understate is the importance of the creation of unique and useful content - not only will this keep visitors on your website, it will also encourage genuine inbound links, which in turn will be seen as an indicator to the search engine spiders that you have a quality website.

Where a lot of site owners go wrong is relying on product data provided by the manufacturers, which may be present on many other sites. You have to distinguish yourself from the rest.