Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways, in terms of cost and performance, to reach out to your customers and promote new offers or and to keep them engaged with your brand.

We have experience with all aspects of email marketing and can assist with the whole process, or individual stages that you need a little help with.

Email Templates

We can assist with the creation of your marketing email templates :

  • Responsive / Mobile Templates - an email template that works on the smaller screens of a mobile device, where a very high percentage of emails are now first read.
  • Reusable Templates - an email template where you can drop content into a predefined framework, allows you control without needing to reinvent the wheel every time you need to run a campaign.
  • Bespoke Templates - when you need an email for a specific campaign and want it to stand out.
  • Automated Templates - we can offer a user friendly interface where you just pick products to slot straight into your template so you don't require any coding expertise at all - allows you to generate your email creative at the click of a button.

Building your mailing list

When we develop your e-commerce website it will include options for visitors to sign up to your mailing list. In this day and age your reputation is vitally important, so we ensure that your mailing list is collected ethically, so we can instiagte industry standard practices such as double-opt in sign up.

Delivering your emails

We would recommend working with an Email Service Provider to effect the delivery of your marketing emails. The advantages of using such a service over just sending emails from your own servers include :

  • Dedicated Software - that make the process of mailing out to tens or hundreds of thousands of people easy.
  • Reporting - track the ROI of your campaigns, see who is receiving, viewing and even purchasing from your emails.
  • Established Trust - they will have a relationship with most of the major ISPs meaning that your emails are more likely to get through.

We have worked with many major email service providers such as :

  • Constant Contact

    Constant Contact

    Easy to use web based service, very cost effective, and easy integration with your social marketing.
  • Bronto


    Feature rich email marketing service, with huge scope for automation, and integration via APIs.
  • EmailVision


    Web based interface, ideal for multiple brands or larger mailing lists.
  • Profusion


    Hugely flexible system allowing complex campaings to be created with multiple follow ups based on behaviour .

Many of these service providers offers ways to automatically integrate with your website by way of an API - this allows you to synchronise your mailing list and customers mailing preferences directly from your own website with their systems so that there is never a need for any rekeying or import/exports - saving you time and making sure your customers wishes are respected.