Shopping Engines

Shopping engines can be a good way to reach a targeted audience quickly and easily - by their very nature visitors to a shopping engine are in purchasing mode. Over the years we have helped merchants get their products listed on most of the main shopping engines in the marketplace.

However it is critical that you take a considered approach to marketing via shopping engines as costs can spiral if you are not careful. Most of these services operate on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis where you will pay for every click regardless of whether it leads to a sale or not.

Most of these services work by way of a product feed - a simple file which details the products in your catalogue that you want them to list and promote on their website. We can set this up very easily, and even automate the delivery of this file.

That is why when we work with you to integrate your products with a shopping engine, we build your product feeds to be intelligent :

  • Perhaps you want to limit the products available to those that earn you a certain margin, so you can absorb the marketing costs.
  • Track the availability of items so that you are not paying for wasted clicks where you can't fulfil the order.
  • Track seasonality of products, so where possible you can prioritise "hot" products.

We have experience of working with all of the below shopping engine services :

  • Google Products

    Google Products

    We have also worked with clients to link with their Google Adwords Accounts to enable product specific ads with images.
  • Kelkoo


    Probably the best known shopping engine, certainly in the UK, we have also integrated their follow up customer survey code.
  • Nextag


    Very good to work with, they also offer a follow up customer survey module which we have integrated, which helps to establish trust with other customers.

    Big in the US and gaining in popularity in UK.
  • DealTime


  • Shopzilla


Obviously it is critical that you monitor your return on investment (ROI) when using these services. We will build in the shopping engines own tracking code into your checkout, along with our own proprietary tracking, so you can see exactly how they are performing.