Responsive Website Design

With the myriad of modern devices that may be used to consume your website, it is well worth thinking about opting for a responsive website design.

This is a website design approach that is aimed at the creation of a single set of website pages that will scale well across a number of screen sizes such as :

  • Desktop computers
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Phones / Devices

Instead of creating a duplicate of your desktop site for users with smaller screens, we design a website template that will adapt to the screen size in use, and render the site in the most appropriate way for that device.

A user visiting on a desktop computer / browser will get the full website design and navigational elements presented to them. A visitor on a mobile device with a much smaller screen would find that overwhelming and unusable so the same content is presented in a more digestible format, with navigational elements changing to suit smaller touch screens. The changes are completely autonomous, and seamless as far as the visitor is concerned.

The advantages of choosing a responsive design over a separate mobile website include :

  • A single set of pages and assets to maintain
  • A single set of URLs - easier for marketing campaigns and will prevent duplicate content issues
  • Higher conversion rate - reduces customers leaving a site that is not optimised for the device they are using
  • Consolidated reporting - your website analytics can be all in one place

Read a case study regarding a responsive website we have recently developed.