When you create an e-commerce website that will accept payment from customers, obviously one of the prime concerns is the security of the payment details. Unless you can establish and prove that you have a secure website you will be likely to scare off potential customers.

One of the easiest ways to offload some of the concerns about security is to use a payment gateway which will store the payment card information, but even with a gateway in place you should still protect your customers data.

Secure Certificates

When you visit a website you may notice a padlock icon in the address or status bar - this means that you are visitng the site securely. What that means is that the communication between the visitors browser and your site is encrypted - this is vital when capturing payment details, and also recommended for any personal data capture.

This is achieved by installing a Secure Certificate on your webserver that is dedicated to your e-commerce website and it's checkout.

We will assist or carry out the purchase and installation process for your website to ensure that it is secure.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS)

Your merchant account provider (card processor) will expect your site and systems to be secure and compliant with the PCI DSS standards.

These standards cover the ways in which you capture and store sensitive data, and if you don't adhere to them you risk higher processing fees, the loss of your card acceptance facilities, and massive fines if your systems are breached.

The checks usually include :

  • Scan of your website - to probe it for any weaknesses or vulnerabilities to hackers.
  • Scan of your webserver - to ensure that all security patches are installed and known issues are dealt with.
  • Completion of a detailed questionnaire - detailing your policies for dealing with card data.

We have experience of gaining PCI DSS certification for various clients, and would assist or even complete this process for you.