Systems Integration

Most e-commerce websites won’t be a stand alone solution – often they will be connected with other systems for content management, order processing or perhaps for accounting. The fact that they are dynamic and connect to a database for their own content lends them to connect to other systems and services to enhance the customer experience.

If you have an existing back office system that needs to "talk" to your e-commerce website we can assist with making sure they communicate effectively.

Data Import

We have vast experience of taking many kinds of third party data, and importing it into websites and systems. Whether it be product feeds to populate your website content management system (CMS) from a manufacturer or supplier, through to automated invoicing.

Data Export & Extraction

We can also send data the other way, such as product feeds for shopping engines and affiliate marketing, electronic purchase orders, or despatch information to automate parcel despatch in courier systems.

Third party systems

We have experience of integrating websites into large enterprise systems such as MS Dynamics Great Plains, MS Dynamics AX, Pegasus Opera and Sage. This includes product data, sales orders, invoices, and purchase orders. This can save time and resources if you have legacy systems that you need to run alongside an e-commerce site.

Direct Integration

Often there are services or systems that you need to link directly to your website to create richer functionality, or to extend the services that you can offer. We have integrated with many third party services either by way of API or web services. A selection is detailed below :

  • Metapack


    We have fully integrated Metapack, a service that allocates delivery services efficiently and cost effectively, into sales order processing back end systems.
  • Trustpilot


    We have integrated Trustpilot to collect reviews from website customers, and also for the automated display of those reviews on the e-commerce site.

    We have integrated with to collect reviews from website customers, and also for the automated display of those reviews on the e-commerce site.
  • Constant Contact

    Constant Contact

    Direct Integration with Constant Contact APIs to allow mailing lists to be updated direct from the clients own e-commerce site.
  • Postcodeanywhere


    Allows address selection and population directly on website form pages - ensures clean and consistent address input.

Bespoke Systems

If a client does not have an existing system for sales order processing, or catalogue management, we are able to offer our own bespoke systems development service to cover any gaps in functionality. All of our bespoke systems are capable of being closely linked with all our developed websites, with automated data exchange.