Payment Gateway Integration

Fairfax Computing has experience in integrating a number of popular payment gateways into e-commerce websites.

Using a payment gateway to process your e-commerce website card payments has a number of advantages :

  • It is a much simpler process to become Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) compliant as the burden of storing sensitive card details is passed to the gateway payment provider
  • Immediate trust with customers when they recognise that their payment details will be handled by an industry standard processor
  • Integration with alternative payment methods like Paypal saving multiple integrations

We have experience of integrating with payment processors in a number of ways, either directly at the customer facing website when immediate authorisation or charging is required, or as part of a back office system when it is desirable to only charge upon later despatch of goods.

If your experience or impression of using a payment gateway is that the customer must leave a merchants site to process their payment, which can interrupt the checkout flow, then that is no longer the case. Most payment processors now offer ways to directly integrate their solutions into yor own website, so the customer never leaves your site, whilst still enabling you the freedom from storing any sensitive data on your own servers.

Below is a list of some of the most popular payment gateways we have integrated with :

  • Sagepay


    Direct server to server integration, can also provide Paypal and 3D Secure functionality all without leaving the merchants website.
  • PayPal


    We have integrated with PayPal directly and through other gateways.
  • CommIdea


    Integrated CommIdea solutions both at website and within back office systems - ideal for batch / automated payment where charging is deferred until goods are despatched.
  • Barclays ePQD

    Barclays ePDQ

    Offers own brandable payment pages.