Bespoke System and Software Development

Fairfax Computing's roots are in the development of completely bespoke database and application systems and software.

We are happy to work on completely "green-field" development projects, and our vast systems analysis experience means that we can translate your verbal or written requirements into a functional solution that is tailored to meet your needs exactly.

We have many years of experience in producing applications that range in scale from desktop, to enterprise, and beyond via the web.

Where our solutions differ is that we keep one eye on the future of where you business may want or need to go - by embracing the new technology early we are in a position to help.

We firmly believe that our eye for detail, flair for design, and strict quality control mean that we deliver a solution to our clients that we can take pride in - whilst the client benefits from an application that contains that little something extra.


Most new developments that we undertake are based on a mixture of well proven Microsoft technology.

Depending on the size of the application required we would usually suggest the use of Microsoft SQL Server as the database back end, with a front end developed in .Net or Microsoft Access. Smaller requirements can sometimes be developed in native Access or the free version of SQL Server (MSDE or SQL Express) to help reduce costs to the client.